Rambo Paracord Leinen

Rambo Paracord leashn


    Always keep your big dog under control! For very large and heavy dogs up to 100kg+ in a quality that meets the highest demands.

    Made of 550 Paracord in 3cm width, woven 6 times, extreme breaking load (up to 1490kg) for very large, heavy dogs who like to pull on the leash. 550 Paracord is used in skydiving and is therefore extremely durable. 

    An extreme leash that can withstand extreme stress and gives you security as a dog handler and fits very well in the hand thanks to the 3cm paracord. 

    Optionally with different tie-down buckles:

    - with large brass carabiner (12cm), which can withstand even the greatest loads and even at very low temperatures.

    - with Frog Cable


    Kong frog cable Leine Hund

    - with Kong Frog 360


    Colour army green and black

    Accidental opening is not possible thanks to the patented FROG system. The closure locks automatically after contact, for example on the ring, and only opens again by pressing on both sides and has a breaking load of 2600kg.