Dogs leashes


    From left to right:
    Normal carabiner at 2.5cm leash (On Duty leash)
    Frog Cable on 2.5cm leash (On Duty leash)
    Frog 360 on 2.5cm leash (360 Frog leash)
    Frog Cable on 3cm Paracord Rambo leash (Rambo leash)
    Frog 360 an 4cm leash (360 Frog 4cm leash)

    Kong Frog 360: A professional buckle that is a luminary in alpine sports, scaffolding and sailing. The Frog 360 has a maximum load of 23kN and can only be opened by pressing both clips at the same time. The legs close as soon as the ring of the collar comes into contact.

    Kong Frog Cable Buckle, patented buckle from alpine sports and air rescue, the Kong company from Milan, Italy. Frog Cable is a revolutionary carabiner that closes automatically when struck, an innovative system from KONG Italy, in collaboration with the Technical University of Milan.

    Solid brass carabiner 12cm of the leash Rambo