Pferdehalfter mit Cobra Schnallen

Horse halter with Cobra buckles


    Tac Team halter and Tac Team COBRA halter 

    Tac Team Halter 

    The Tac Team holsters are premium army holsters with full-length padding with tactical buckles. The holster is sewn extra strong and impresses with its special tactical buckles. The halter is very wide at 3.8cm and therefore distributes the pressure optimally on the horse's head. The halter is adjustable in size under the chin and behind the ears and is therefore suitable for pony to large horse sizes.

    Velcro patches are attached on the right and left so that personalized names or polo team patches can be attached.

    Tac Team COBRA halter

    Our real gem, the Tac Team Cobra halter, is made in the colors camouflage, army green and black with a patented, polished aluminum Cobra buckle from Austrialpin. The Cobra buckle gives the halter an additional safety aspect as the buckle can be quickly opened if the horse becomes entangled. The workmanship is very high quality and elaborate and gives the halter its own massive character of luxury.

    Argentina polo halter -

    Inspired by the Argentinian Criollo/Gaucho knot holder, the paracord halter impresses with its extraordinary look and the incredible workmanship made from 550 paracord. With the brass-colored charm on the horse's forehead, every horse becomes a star. The halter fits sizes COB/Arabians to Thoroughbreds and large horses with smaller heads.