Halsband sehr robust und stark für XL Bully
Das stärkste Halsband der Welt
Test Das beste Halsband für grosse Hunde
Magnetgriff Halsband breit Dogo Argentino
Tactisches Halsband mit Cobra Schnalle und Magnet Griff für grosse Hunde
Das ultimative Halsband für grosse Hunde die an der Leine ziehen und Leinenführigkeit üben
Das breiteste Halsband mit Sicherheitsschnalle aus Militär
Das sicherste Halsband der Welt Test
Titan Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar
Titan Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar

Titan Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar

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Titan Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar

For the strongest dogs that require maximum security
Do you have a very large and strong dog for whom a normal collar is simply not enough? Then the Titan Cobra Magnetic Grip 7 cm Safety Collar is exactly what you are looking for. This collar not only offers the widest and safest solution on the market, but is specifically designed to withstand even the strongest dogs.
Product features:
Width: 7 cm
Color: black
Material: Robust nylon with soft neoprene padding on the sides - ideal for sensitive dogs
Handle: Innovative magnetic handle for quick and safe short guidance
Safety clasp: Heavy-duty Cobra buckle with integrated D-ring from AustriAlpin, black, with a breaking load of over 1800 kg - the safest buckle on the market
• M: 41-50 cm
• L: 50-60 cm
• XL: 60-70 cm
Especially for large dog breeds such as:
• Rottweiler
• Dogo Argentino
• Mastiff
• Great Dane
• XL Bully
• …and also for medium-sized dogs with long necks.
Why the Titan Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar?
Ultimate safety for your dog: The renowned Cobra buckle from AustriAlpin is known for its extreme resilience and durability. With a breaking load of over 1800kg, this buckle ensures your dog is safe no matter how strong they are. It is the safest buckle on the market while being easy to use.
Specially robust sewing technology: With the use of the most expensive professional industrial sewing machines, a special locking technology was used in the sewing method, which allows the seams to withstand maximum loads.
Maximum comfort: With a width of 7 cm, this collar distributes pressure evenly across your dog's neck, reducing strain, especially on strong and active dogs. The integrated neoprene padding provides additional protection and comfort, ideal for dogs with sensitive skin or fur.
Practical magnetic handle: The innovative magnetic handle allows you to briefly guide your dog quickly and safely, especially in situations where close control is required, such as dog encounters. The handle can be placed inconspicuously on the collar when not in use, so that it doesn't get in the way and is always ready to hand.
High-quality materials: Made from durable nylon and equipped with soft neoprene padding, this collar is both durable and comfortable. It can withstand the challenges of everyday use and always look good.
Advantages for you:
Safety: The extremely durable Cobra buckle and ultra robust sewing ensure maximum safety, even for the strongest dogs.
• Comfort: The wide contact surface and the soft padding protect your dog's neck and offer a high level of comfort.
• Control: The magnetic handle allows for quick and safe control of your dog, ideal for busy environments and dog encounters.
Longevity: High-quality materials guarantee a long service life and resistance to wear.
• Flexibility: Adjustable sizes ensure the collar fits your dog perfectly, regardless of its size.
Titanium Cobra magnetic handle 7 cm safety collar - the ultimate solution for maximum safety and comfort for your loyal companions.

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