GPS Tracker von Weenect

GPS tracker from Weenect


    The advantages of a GPS tracker for you and your dog:

    - Your dog always runs away? And you want to be warned when he leaves the defined perimeter? Or you want to be able to track him down and pursue him accurately? Even at night

    -You want to remind your dog with a ringtone or vibrate function that he should now please return to the house?

    -You have a new dog and you're afraid he might run away?

    -You're going on a trip and want to be sure that your dog doesn't get lost in unfamiliar areas?

    - You are in the office and want to see where your dog is on the dog walker round?

    -You want to know whether your dog is moving around the same on your walk as usual or whether he is much calmer today and possibly sick?

    -You want to know whether your dog has already completed the recommended activity today?

    ——- GPS Tracker from Weenect is the solution!———